Roofing PensacolaRoofing:
Johnson Construction is the best choice for quality roofing and home improvement services. We have the depth of talent and experience necessary to successfully meet any challenge with a solution that provides maximum value and durability, no matter whether your roof is low slope, steeply sloped or flat!  Our experienced and professional staff can install, repair or replace any kind of roof. Some examples of different roof types are:

  • Shingle Roofing
  • Metal Roofing
  • Tile Roofing
  • Slate Roofing
  • Designer shingle Roofing
  • Stone Coated Tile Roofing
  • Low-Slope “Flat” Residential Roofing

Wind Mitigation:
Wind mitigation specifically targets the structural and nonstructural aspects that prevent or lessen damage caused by high winds that occur with storms.

The primary damages from hurricanes are wind and water intrusion. Water, as rain directed by varying wind directions, enters homes through gable ends, soffit vents and poorly sealed windows and doors. Once rain enters homes mildew can develop within days. Like water, wind causes damage by entering the home through poorly sealed openings. Wind damages homes by increasing pressure and causing uplift forces on the roof.

Providing a sealed roof deck will prevent significant water intrusion if pieces of your roof coverings (shingles) are blown away. This also provides additional insulation to make your home more energy efficient. Don’t forget your soffit vents!

Reinforce your foundation-to-wall, floor-floor (multistory homes) and wall-to-roof connections to establish a continuous load path. A continuous load path allows your home to resist high-wind forces as a unit. Weak links in a load path are generally where damage occurs.

Insurance Costs:

Windstorm Insurance rates are reduced substantially with a Wind Mitigation Wind Inspection. A wind mitigation inspection verifies construction methods that create wind mitigation discounts based on those methods providing greater protection from wind hurricane damage. The inspection usually takes less than an hour and the savings is usually in the form of a check direct from your insurance company within 3-6 weeks.

Wind Mitigation Inspections can determine if you qualify for deep discounts on your Homeowners Insurance Policy and more than pay for the cost of the inspection year after year!
According to Florida Statute 627.0629, ALL insurance companies are required to offer Florida homeowners “discounts, credits, or other rate differentials…” for particular construction techniques that help to reduce wind damage caused by hurricanes, tropical storms and other windstorms related claims.

Wind Mitigation discounts are applied towards the windstorm portion of your total insurance premium. Depending on where you are located in Florida, the windstorm portion is between 15% and 70% of the total premium. The three main factors for wind mitigation discounts include: The number of wind resistive construction features present on your condo or home – The more wind resistive features you have, the higher the total discount will be for your property. The discounts can be as high as 30% or more of the wind portion of the insurance premium.

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